7 Things, 7 days

Given we now have a week left in Costa Rica, Emmanuelle and I made a bucket list of things we still haven’t done. Most of them are small and relate to food, but hey we’ve been here for a while to give us a break. We’ve done a lot.

1. Watch a Sunrise. Yes, waking up really early to do so. 

2. Watch a Sunset in the city. 

3. Try the Rice n’ Smile at the mall (arroz con leche).

4. Go to the Reggae bar in Heredia. 

5. Have a final mojito at Hooligans (we haven’t been in over 6 weeks). 

6. Try the weird chocolate covered marshmallow candy. 

7. Go to skating on Ladies Night (its free!). How did we just find out about this??

+ I’ll be posting once we have accomplished these!

Have any suggestions of what we should do our last week? Comment here!