Semana Siete

June 23:

And here we go: officially halfway through my trip and yet so much more to learn and see. I have to say it is hard to continually motivate myself to study when I am surrounded by so much wonder and am constantly being told to memorize more and more lists. But now that I have finished Friday Night Lights, hopefully I will not have any other distractions and can finally get more sleep and more work done.

Today, one of my roommates and I went into Heredia center to find a long sleeve World Cup jersey for me and a short sleeve for my Gpa. Unfortunately, just like Friday they were all sold out. I really hope that San Jose will have them next week and that I didn’t miss my chance to buy one.

June 24: 

Read This I Promise You

June 25: 

Read This I Promise You

June 26:

Intercambio and  US Game: My class meets with Tico class every Thursday to participate in intercambio. It was rather awkward and neither one of my pairs knew a lot of English, as well as myself not know a lot of Spanish. Pero, Esta Bien (phrase of the trip).

Volunteering: We were finally able to volunteer with kids this week. While we waited for over an hour to start volunteering with them, it was so enjoyable. Again, although there was a language barrier, I was still able to hang out and make friends. It really amazes me when I get to do things like this, because the kids are just so happy to be playing. They use their resources wisely – using old soda bottles and juice boxes as balls. It really makes your appreciate and rethink the life you were given.

June 27: 

I had my first challenging test today. While the grade doesn’t particularly matter, it’s a reminder that even when I leave Costa Rica I am going to have to practice a lot if I want to become anywhere near fluent.

Read Somewhere up in the Clouds to hear about all the drama of today.

June 28: 

Read Somewhere up in the Clouds.

June 29: 

Soccer victory! Although the original
plan was to go to San Jose, our family was having their own party and so we wanted to stay and spend the day with them. It was super nice to be with our family for the day and get to celebrate the win with them. I will reveal however, that I definitely was forming tears when I thought we were going to lose. It was such a stressful game and we magically won in a shoot out although we played with 10 players the entire second half and overtime.

This is the first time Costa Rica has ever made it to the quarter finals – so it was a huge deal. After celebrating in our house with cake for my Tico nephews birthday, we joined everyone in the streets of Heredia. Although we didn’t make it to the center there was still plenty of celebration: people crammed 12 in a car, others riding on the hood, standstill traffic, people honking their horn, others walking around in the street, cars stopping to start a cheer with people on the street, and constant cheering. The celebration didn’t stop until the wee hours of the morning. In fact, one of my friends who went to watch the game near San Jose had to spend the night with his friends family because there was too much traffic!


It’s been so amazing to be here to experience history and this culture – it definitely makes being here for 3 months and the entire World Cup worth it.

Other fun facts:
1. On my run, I had to run away from a tiny dog that was chasing and barking at me. I was very nervous I was going to be bit.

2. Note to self: Don’t leave hair wraps in for 6 weeks…it will start to dread. As in that strand of hair will start to form a dread lock.


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