Semana Cuatro

June 2: 

First day of second session class! While I was under the impression that I was staying in Beginner II, strengthening what I knew, and learning new material – that ended up being false. I came to class, had the same teacher, with the same lesson plans, and same homework. Although she was a great teacher it seemed completely impractical for me to stay in that class. However, I didn’t feel confident enough with what I already knew and the amount I knew to move up (virtually “skipping” a level). This put me in quite the pickle. I also really missed having class with people who knew where I came from and who I wasn’t embarrassed to talk in front of.

I left school today not knowing where I stood, but received an email later in the day letting me know my placement test was high enough to move on to Intermediate II. I am definitely going to have a lot more work outside of class and need to spend more time on work, but it will only make me a better student.

This afternoon reminded me that I am so lucky to be able to have kids in my tico family to play with everyday because it really makes me feel like part of the family.

The evening brought a trip to none other than Hooligans. The welcome wagon has begun as we try to start mixing the two groups.

Thought of the day: there are so many people currently on the Sol program (some through their respective schools and others directly Sol) that I see more Americans than Ticos at school.

June 3:

I got a wake up call this morning with my first intermediate class. My teacher spoke solely Spanish and had no clue that I was moving into her class or that I had taken only one other Spanish class. The first 45 minutes were really rough as I was trying to understand what she was teaching me. I pretty much understood less an 1% of what she said and had to ask people in my class for an explanation to participate.

Understanding that I was way over my head, my director and I tried to come to a solution. Although she was not incredibly helpful, I am going to go into tutoring once a week. What no one seems to understand is that the concepts are not difficult for me to understand. But learning them in Spanish means I have trouble absorbing anything.

10411798_10201893300085310_7675802684509711020_nI am trying to be positive, but if were all friends here, I have to say that I have been an extremely frustrated person with how my program has handled classes.  To blow off some steam and meet new students, a bunch of us went to happy hour at a restaurant in the mall. While the drinks weren’t very good, it was good company and we got to try CR’s version of queso (American definition of the word). I kid you not, it was a straight up warm “ball” of cheese. We had to pull it apart and put it on each chip.

June 4:

Class was a lot better today. Not because I understood anything more, but because I just decided to say screw it. There is no reason for me to fret. I will learn as much as I can and take time after school to learn what I can and that will be that. No one is giving me realistic options so I really need to stop talking about it.

1526819_10152467491443630_1936346571303724527_nAfter class, 8 of us went to La Sabana (park) in San Jose and have a picnic. It is the largest park in CR and is right next to the national soccer stadium. It was a beautiful day and a great park with very interesting statues. Afterwards we went over to the bus station we needed to get tickets from for this weekend. But this ended up causing a lot of frustration because too many people were trying to give their opinion on which ticket we needed even though we had instructions from the place we were staying. But finally, we got everything sorted out. Unfortunately, walking from that bus station to the Heredia one was not a short walk. We ended up getting lost after a stop for froyo – classic. I guess that’s #1 for being lost in Costa Rica, it had to happen sometime. 10378078_10152467489748630_3907879905853393453_n

June 5: 

Some god is not in favor of us volunteering. Yet again there was a problem inhibiting us to volunteer. While this time it was very legitimate, the message wasn’t relayed to us until we walked in the rain and realized the students didn’t have school today. Hopefully one of the other weeks works out.

And for the second day the rain ruined plans to go to the gym. Thankfully, it gave me time to watch some Netflix and write my first Spanish essay (my roommates thankfully edited it).

One of the casinos in Heredia, has ladies nights (free drinks and entry) on Thursdays so my friend and I went to check it out. It ended up being really fun and a bunch of people from sol were there. Definitely a new weekly thing, schedule permitting.

June 6:

Look at post Life is Good 

June 7: 

Look at post Life is Good 

June 8: 

Look at post Life is Good     


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