Semana Cinco

June 9: 

It has been very hard to pay attention in class because so much of it goes over my head. This is something that I need to work on because the next 8 weeks are going to be long if I don’t.

Today was relaxing and not much went one. It’s hard because since I am abroad, I feel like I should be doing something everyday, but there is not much to do where I live. It is also really hard because of the rain every afternoon. It prevents you from too much exploration.

People are starting to plan weekend trips and it’s really weird because being a follower sometimes is great and I really don’t mind it. However, it always leaves me feeling like a slacker. I think this is something I need to get rid of while I am here this summer. As well as not getting extremely frustrated about things that could be. I just need to enjoy where I am with what I have.

June 10:

Today, Emmanuelle and I got to go shopping with our mama Tica. We learned about a cheaper and faster way to Heredia center, got to see where our delicious fruit and food comes from, and help (if only a little) with shipping. It’s unbelievable that she normally shops on her own. We had 6/7 heavy bags of groceries. Although she takes a taxi home, getting from one store to another to the taxi with that many jobs is not a one person job. Hopefully she let’s us come more often so she doesn’t have to do this all alone. After we put her in the taxi (she promised us she didn’t need help unloading, the taxi driver would help), Emmanuelle and I went on a search to find the coffee shop from our first week with incredible iced coffee. Unfortunately there was no iced coffee on the menu and we had to guess between the items. I don’t think we choose the right ones, but they were still delicious and just gives us another excuse to return 🙂

Thoughts from the day:

1. My days never go as planned. I always write out a schedule to get x,y,z done but I always end up doing things I don’t need to do and then end up doing my homework late at night causing me to stay up late. It’s so stupid.

2. I also feel like I have reached a plateau with how much I can learned. Not good being it’s only week 5. I am wondering if I will end up repeating this module to have enough time for it all to sink in. My teacher constantly tells us that 3 week classes are bad because you learn so much so fast and it not realistic to understand things right away. You need practice but you don’t get that in these types of programs.

June 11: 

Today was just a great day. While it started with a bad tutoring session, the rest of the day was absolutely what I needed to get out of whatever funk I had been in. My test was incredibly easy and we basically talked the rest of class. All the SOL summer programs came together to play soccer at our gym which was a lot of fun; although it’s sad how uncoordinated I am after playing for so many years. Dinner was an absolute hoot and my host mom shed some tears from “making fun” of me. My mom confirmed her trip to visit me and I got to go out with my friends. We went to a bar that one of my friends has been dying to try, but it was a total bust. Thankfully, we were close to our other favorite bars.

Thoughts from the day:

1. I might be one of the only people in my group who is not ready to go home. Sure I miss my friends, don’t like that I can’t walk places alone, quiet nights (most partying happens in San Jose), but there is still so much I haven’t seen and so much to assimilate to. I don’t know if 3 months is long enough to not feel like a Tico but I am excited to find out.

June 12: 

1. What I have come to realize is we can always do more: get more done in our day, talk to friends more, sleep more, be more prepared, pay more attention, give more effort, see more in our day, learn more. But the challenge and beauty that comes with life is the balance that we must make. We could always use more time to do the one hundred things on our to do list. But the only way to do more is to worry less. I have to stop worrying about what I could have done and accept what I did do and move on.

2. I am a very different student here. And while it fits with the summer enjoyment, I sometimes feel that I could be learning more if I did more work outside of class. Yet, something always gets in the way. Bottom line: my balance is a little less school and a little more chill, with a little tweek it reach the right level.

June 13: 

Read Zoom Zoom.

June 14: 

Read Zoom Zoom.

June 15: 

Read Zoom Zoom.



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