Semana Tres

May 26: 

In the span of just a few days I have learned: present tense, present irregular, past tense, past irregular, and future tense. It will be a miracle to get these down before the next module (not to mention all the vocab that I have barely looked at from the last two weeks. Although this made class a bit overwhelming, this afternoon was very relaxing. I started to catch up on my social media and blogging, got to spend some quality time with my tica family (playing with the youngest), and went to the gym. While there is still much on my to do list, and studying for spanish got shafted due to my tiredness – we all sometimes need those days.

Thoughts from the day:

1. It is crazy to think that we have reached week 3 and are in the countdown to the and of a session and class. It is really bittersweet because two of our really good guy friends are packing up and heading home. In a week, I will have another roommate and a whole new dynamic to get used to. While it does keep you on your toes, it is very nerve-racking. Once you start to get settled there is another curveball to switch things up again. It also means that I need to start figuring out what to do with my free time – while it is very easy to spend the day relaxing at home or with friends I want to make sure to explore and experience as much as possible. At this rate, I am trying to take today and tomorrow to catch up on everything (hopefully including spanish) and get some plans underway.

2. The older grandson is one of the sweetest boys I have ever met. Although we have a language barrier, he has already become our friend and never leaves without a long hug goodbye – talk about making your heart warm and fuzzy.


May 27:

1. I realized today that I may not become the best Spanish speaker by being here but I am definitely able to help my family become better English speakers. At the end of the day, that makes it all worth it.

2. I also found out that two of my guy friends got robbed at gun point yesterday. Thankfully they are okay and only watches and school books got stolen, but damn if that’s not a wake up call, I don’t know what is.

3. My friends and I went out for drinks tonight at our favorite local place, hooligans (like a bdubs) and 4 hours later I thought I had only been an hour. While Hooligans might be more expensive, it’s always dependable and the staff if phenomenal.

What’s been the craziest thing about Costa Rica is that I have formed a group of friends in such a short time. And it sucks because 2 of them are leaving on Saturday and then 3 in a month. Who knows what lies ahead of us, but I just grateful I have been able to meet all these people. My step-dad has this saying that people come for seasons, reasons,
and lifetimes. While a lot of these people on trips like these come for seasons, they are people you don’t want to loose and people you don’t want to forget.

All I know is that I’ll be visiting all these fools in Texas soon.

May 28:

When I heard that we were going to a Tucan Rescue Ranch, I can’t say that I was ecstatic. However, it ended up being one of the coolest things we have done. The ranch has tons of different animals – tucans, owls, sloths, monkeys, otters – and we got to meet and hear about so many of them. They were incredibly cute and it warmed my heart to see people in our world you devote their life to taking care of them.


Andy and I #BFF



Baby Monkey #heartmelting

May 29:

I had my final test today and am almost done with my first class (where has the time gone?).

We finally went volunteering today at the animal shelter. However, it rained while we were there so we could only see/pet the dogs, not play with them. They were so cute and it was very sad to see them in such bad conditions and not being adopted. They were all shaking and frightened by the storm. Of few of my friends fell in love with the dogs and are thinking of adopting one.

This afternoon I had some serious bonding time with Joshua and the whole family. What amazes me is how simple, yet rich life is here. They don’t need materialistic goods to enjoy. Joshua and I played with a bottle cap for over 20 minutes and he had an absolute ball. Emmanuelle and I also played Jenga with mama tica and found out a lot more about the family!

Thought of the day:

I still really don’t understand why we are served potatoes and rice, but hey – when in Costa Rica, do as the Costa Ricans do.

May 30: 

Finished my first Spanish class ever (WAHOO!). Each class prepared a project to present to all the other students. While I couldn’t understand a majority of it – one of the classes and 4 of my good friends had to prepare traditional Costa Rican dances. It was hilarious to say the least.

After class, one of our director’s friend was coming to do hair wraps. Yes, I am aware that this is a fad for 12 years. But when everyone else in the group is doing it, what the hell. Besides, mine is the bottom layer of hair in the back, so that I know it’s there, but it doesn’t have to be shown 24/7. However, this probably makes us look even more like gringos because there are not a ton of people our age with them :/ Anyways, my roommate and I spent our afternoon waiting to get our hair wrapped. 3 hours later it was complete, worth it you may ask? My response, always, is that when abroad there is not much that is extremely urgent so why not just be happy to be in the company you are with and not worry about wasting time – all you have is time.

Since this was the last night of the session, our group went out to Rumba to say to goodbye to the four that would be leaving us tomorrow. This club was in the middle of nowhere and the dancing was legit dancing (duh – we are in Latin America). However, it still ended up being a lot of fun as we tried to keep up as much as possible.

May 31: 

Today was the first weekend day that we didn’t have something planned for us by our program. It was really nice to sleep in a little and leisurely get ready for the day. Three of my friends and I were going to make a day trip to Lankester Botanical Gardens which were supposed to be very pretty and a great location with walking trails. Because it was a little past Cartago, we would be traveling a little less than 2 hours and 3 busses to get there. But again, what else were we going to do with our day? 

When we got to Cartago, we remembered that there were a few historical sites everyone told us we needed to see before we left. Because it was lunch time when we got to Cartago, we decided to grab a bite to eat and then check out the Basilica and Ruins before the garden. We ended up eating at a restaurant that was right outside of the church (obviously mexican again, I really don’t know what other restaurants there are here).  We sat down, ordered, were brought drinks, and then told that they were out of pollo (chicken). Unfortunately for us, we all ordered chicken dishes and that pretty much took away half of the meals on their menu….Because some of my friends thought it would be rude to leave, we changed our order, but were rather unsure that we would have enough food. Around 10 minutes after ordering for the second time, we see employees carrying in groceries and yes, you guessed it, pollo.

My friends and I were awesticken and immediately asked our waiter if we could change back our orders. Thankfully, they allowed us. The food ended up being so good!!! After, we went to the church, which was really beautiful and then made our way to the ruins. The ruins were so clue and the inside had been turned into a garden but we couldn’t get in (it was apparently closed due to rain). By the time we were done with everything it had begun raining and we were all drained and decided to go back home and skip the gardens. It was probably a good decision seeing as it poured our entire way home. I think rainy season has truly begun.

Stories to ask me about:

1) Basically this entire day.

2) The ice cream shop.

3) Eating two dinners.

4) The cat and the spider.

June 1: 


We cleaned this one

Today was really relaxing but good. In the morning my roommate and other friend helped a group of national Universidad students with a project in our community. They have been working to bring the community together and have started murals on the soccer field next to our house. While they were running low on most of the paint, we still got to help and hang out with some Tico’s so it was very nice.


Our contribution

The afternoon brought time to meet my new roommate and read about all the incredible things to do here.

Thought of the weekend:

– The end of week three has brought a lot of change. Two of my good friends have left an several new students have come. The dynamic already feels different. But as some wise man once said, change is not always bad. I am trying my absolute hardest to stay positive and not stressed about the new vs the old.

– If I took advantage of how early I can go to bed here, I would probably make up for my entire life’s lack of sleep.


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