Semana Seis


no, I did not punch her

June 16:

Monday morning came way too soon. But what started out as a tired morning turned into a fantastic day. I had a lovely massage for the low price of $25, watched the US win their way to their first victory, and as always stayed up way too late doing god knows what and running out of time to practice my irregular verbs. #predictable

Ask me about:

1. Carrot Sticks

2. Clean Plate Club

June 17: 

Playing volleyball with the Ticos finally happened!! Although us gringos lost brutally, it was a lot of fun. My friends and I were going to go to Heredia center today but a huge storm came in (typical).

I promise I was saving the ball

I promise I was saving the ball

At the end of the day, I never know where all my time went. I think it’s hard because we never do much at night so time sometimes drags on.

June 18: 

The week has been dragging on and I think we all need a little relaxation and rejuvenation. Yet, this afternoon completely turned my day and week around. After lunch, 3 of my friends and I ventured to the San Jose market (in the pouring rain, it’s CR y’all). I was not planning on buying anything for myself, but getting a lot of my gift list checked off. However, after stumbling upon a wonderful deal for hammocks (something I had been contemplating buying here) I couldn’t resist. After a little unplanned bargaining, the price for a chair hammock and regular sized hammock was 16,000 colones or $32 total. LMK if you can find a deal better than that. The rest of the shopping was almost as productive, with many gifts bought for loved ones. Sealing the sweet afternoon, was a stop into one of our favorite places, yup, you guessed it…pops! I got to try two new flavors that were just as delicious. Making the day even better, Mama Tica made my favorite meal for dinner!

Chalupas - nom nom nom

Chalupas – nom nom nom

June 19: 

The last real day of class, as tomorrow we had presentations. After school we had our first successful volunteering activity. We went to one of the elderly day centers. There were about 10 golden citizens, what Ticos call their elders. Although they spoke very quietly and I did not understand  most of their spanish, it was still nice to hang out with the. First, we stretched and danced with them and then we did arts and crafts. There were a lot of lively grandparents and an adorable couple.

It was ladies night and a lot of my friends’ second to last night in Costa Rica. Almost our entire group attended. It was so much fun and filled with lots of (free) drinks and dancing, but most of all – good company.

June 20: 

Read: Covered in Mud.

June 21: 

Read: Covered in Mud.

June 22: 

Read: Covered in Mud.


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