Semana Once

June 21: 

Today was a very weird day because I was pretty out of it all day.

1. My mom left this morning which was sad but thankfully I’ll see her in two weeks.

2. Even though I have a test tomorrow, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m pretty burnt out of school and need to relax so I can be ready when Vandy starts for fall term. Since this grade doesn’t particularly count its hard to be 120% committed. I’m still am motitivated learning Spanish I just think I need to back up and slow things down.

3. After going to the gym, my roommate and I went to the store to get wine and then curled up to watch a movie. I think we forget sometimes how amazing simplistic things like drinking wine with a friend and watching a movie can be.

June 22: 

Now that going home is in the very near future, I completely understand how my friends felt when they were leaving. The little things that you used to be able to laugh off now suddenly take a bigger weight on your day because you know soon you’ll no longer have to deal with it,

For instance, today has just been a mess, For breakfast this morning we got frosted flakes. While chowing down, Emmanuelle asked if I had something in my cereal. I look down and see black specks, she says she has them too. Oh yea, that’s right…there were ants in our cereal. Tiny, dead ants that thankfully floated in our breakfast. Yum! Now that is a fabulous way to start your day. After spending 5 minutes feting rid of the ants more surprises came our way. Emmanuelle found a maggot/tiny worm in one of her banana slices. Needless to say it was incredibly hard to finish our breakfast and we didn’t ask for seconds.

The only turn around in my day was when I finally got a world cup jersey. If you remember the struggle I had done through to find a small long sleeve jersey, you may recall that two weeks ago I left the La Sele celebration with a sellers phone number who offered to meet in San Jose. We had settled on 24,000 clones (after the original offer of 30,000 and 40,000 in the store). Since summer IV was headed to San Jose for the day, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to finish my gift list and get the shirt. Somehow in a perfect fair tale, when I called the woman with the shirt she remembered exactly who I was and still had the shirt sitting aside for me. I ended up giving her 25,000 for the shirt seeing as she was so nice to me!

While we were waiting for her in San Jose, Emmanuelle and I chowed down on DQ blizzards. It was just the thing I needed to put happiness in my day. This seems to become a theme this week.



Our favorite lady at the gym also called me “mi amor” today 🙂

June 23: 

Mama Tica has been letting us help out more at meals and after a cereal break with her around 5 pm, she let us help with dinner! It was fun to help her and also see how our food gets cooked. A lot more simpler than we do in America. For instance, to crush garlic she uses a rock and has no need for the presses we use in the USA.

June 24: 

I know that holding grudges or being bitter is pointless because it won’t get you anywhere. However, sadly I am still bitter about not being allowed to go to my brother’s college graduation because I would fail my class if I missed more than 1. Yet, we constantly get let out of class early, have 30 minute breaks, get out of class for soccer games, get out of class to watch Sol promotional video, and today we started class early for the kids going to Nicaragua. Not only did they miss an hour of class on Tuesday for a trip briefing, but they also got let out early to leave today. So yes, that all seems fair to make someone miss a once in a lifetime opportunity but then send the message that class really isn’t that important. I am not a bitter person and I hate constantly being mad about it, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to fully let go of this until I leave.

I am trying so hard to enjoy my last week to the fullest, but sadly things are starting to bother me more and more and I am getting ready to come home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family here and I love Costa Rica, but as I said on Tuesday the closer I get to going home the more I notice things that I am so excited to have back in my life. But here is to the last complaint on the blog and to living the last week in complete happiness (I am willing to ignore the little things) for who knows when I will be back in this country and with these people.

June 25: Ready Irony.

June 26: Read Irony.

June 27: Read Irony.

After dinner, we found a dead bird next to the table. Our cat had ripped apart all of the birds body parts…..


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