Semana Ocho

June 30:

My roommate and I have been talking about getting piercings (she wanted a nose piercing and I wanted doubles for my ears) while we are here and we finally checked it off our bucket list. W went to the same place that our other friends has gotten tattoos and piercings from. The guy didn’t have gold or silver posts I could get (because I have very sensitive ears). Therefore, after some convincing, I got clear “plastic” posts that are used for implants in the skin. So far so good. He didn’t pierce them with a gun, but they have only hurt a little. It’s something that I have always wanted to get, so it’s cool that I can say I got them pierced in Costa Rica.

July 1:

We had the opportunity to go to San Jose on the Sol bus since summer 3 was going on their tour today. I am pretty sure that everyone besides 1 or 2 people in Sol went. We had a little time to shop in the market before the US World Cup game. We got to watch it on a huge TV in the park next to market. Unfortunately, the US lost and is now out of the tournament, but to be honest, most of us care more about Costa Rica winning! Stay tuned for Saturday.

July 2:

After a rather long day, my roommates and I kicked back, got a bottle of wine, and watched 10 things I hate about you. I really couldn’t ask for a better night.

July 3

To be honest, I’m pretty over school and my program. It’s just been a lot of frustration and it’s also hard not having a break from sitting in class for more than an hour. However, this afternoon and evening were wonderful. We got the opportunity to play soccer and volunteer with our neighborhood kids and I would really love to do this more frequently. Even though we can’t fully understand each other, we can play a great game of futbol.

July 4

Dia de Independencia.

Since I have not been home for the 4th in the last 12 years, it doesn’t particularly bother me to be abroad for this holiday. However, we were still able to celebrate well for our country. After school was out, a group of 12 of us headed out to Jaco (a more touristy beach with great night life. We all quickly realized that this was going to be the perfect group to celebrate with. Shortly after arriving, we headed to dinner and then made our way to our hostel to chill before we went out. The Kangaroo Hostel was incredibly nice. Since 6 of us were only staying the night, 4 of us rented the dorm room but it worked our perfectly because we were the only ones there meaning we were able to lock the door and sleep peacefully. The hostel also had a pool that we took a dip in before getting ready.

We started drinking at the hostel, and went out around 10. We quickly figured out that there were many places with free drinks for women. The night was filled with a lot of laughter, dancing, and celebration for the USA.

July 5

Waking up in the morning for breakfast quickly reminded me of how much fun we had the night before. I quickly realize that traveling to breakfast was not going to be in my game plan, so I laid down and 15 minutes later I suddenly felt all better and made my way to breakfast with the group of girls who were going to Montezuma for the rest of the weekend.

After breakfast, we set out to embark on our ATV tour. It was incredible to be driving through the mountain and taking in the absolutely marvelous scenery. It also wasn’t too shabby driving then ATV either πŸ™‚ A bit heavy on the turns, it was much simpler to handle than a moped which takes the ability to balance. Our guides were really great, making sure we were safe all throughout the time and good company as well.

When our 2 hours was up, we headed back to our hotel for people to “quickly” grab a few items and head to a bar to watch the game. Unfortunately, someone decided that we all needed to go to the hostel and by the time we got to town it was 30 minutes before game time and most places were packed. We went to a small restaurant that was very low key, got the most fabulous ice cream during half time, and went to a more lively place for the second half. Read aΒ Cinderella Story for more details.

July 6

Family day trip!

This weekend has felt incredibly long, in the best way possible because there have been so many different experiences and activities. Today we woke up to eat at 8 with no clue what the day held, where we were going, what we were doing, what we needed to bring or wear. So of course my roommates and I put on clothes to hike in while our family shows up in jeans…classic. Anyways, our mama Tica and our host sister’s family (husband and 2 kids) left around 9:30 to begin the day. They have a car that fits 12 so it was much more relaxing and safe to be in their car then on a bus.

Our first stop was next to La Paz – there was a 6th waterfall on the side of the road that was directly out of the back. Just imagine driving, turning the corner and a rushing waterfall appears…there are no words. While I have seen 10 waterfalls here at this point, they still never cease to amaze me.

On our way to our second stop, we bought some strawberries and cheese – the strawberries melted in my mouth they were so good. I’m still dreaming about their sweetness. After driving down and up a mountain, we made it to our second stop – in the middle of no where, how do people find these things. It was a rustic restaurant with 3 man pounds. You get to fish for your lunch and then they clean and cook it for you.

So in classic Allanah fashion, I catch a fish, pull it out of the water, it flops off the hook, I scream and flail because the fish is just flopping around me, everyone is laughing at me, and then they finally come to put my fish in the box with all the other fish that are still moving. After seeing blood come out of them there was no way I could eat one for lunch. While my family was sad I wasn’t eating it, I provided a lot of entertainment for everyone. It was really a wonderful choice to have a plate of fries and a side salad for lunch because the entire fish came out on plate for lunch…barf. But I contained my thoughts and tried to not look at the fish.

After lunch, we took a hike up the best of the mountains and got to see so many cows (including seeing a baby go number 1 and 2). And then we went home. It was so nice to go out with the family for the day. Even though I can communicate fully with any of them, I really do feel apart of the family. And I am really going to miss being here to watch my two Tico nephews grow up.


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