Semana Doce

Overall, this week has been fabulous. However, it has also been weirdly long. Each day is great, but when I think about the things I did in the previous day, it seems like that event occured forever ago.

June 28:

I believe that last week I was so annoyed with the world and Costa Rica so that I could fully appreciate my last week and take in this country for everything it is. After waking up refreshed from a great night of sleep, I was rejuvenated and as happy to be here as I have been in the past. At breakfast Manuel and Mama Tica seemed sad that this was our last week. Its really nice because some of the time we definitely feel like we are her favorites and got to know her more than other students in the past, which warms my heart.

When Mama Tica started to make the list of meals for our final week, I lost it. I really thought I might shed a tear at breakfast. While I am excited to go home in many respects, I am really going to miss my family here. During the night, I started packing. Such a novel idea to start packing early (something I never do). This is usually because I hate packing and get sad when I do. However, it didnt seem to bother me too much this time.

June 29: 

With not much on the agenda for the day, I had the opportunity to skype a lot of people at home. I left the conversations with a huge smile and a heart full of happiness.

Read: 7 Days, 7 Things Revisited for more.

June 30: 

With the baby shower for our host brothers wife  rapidly approaching, there were many things to be done to prepare. Todays task was making mugs as party favors for all of the guests. While I am not artisitc in any sense of the word, it was really fun to help our host sister and cousin and again made me feel like I really am a part of the family (and always have one more home and place to visit in Costa Rica).

To make mugs:

1. Buy plain mugs

2. Decorate with sharpie

3. Bake in the oven

One of my favorties that Emmanuelle made.

One of my favorties that Emmanuelle made.


June 31: 

Today, we finally got our money back from the volunteering trip that never occured. This meant that Emmanuelle needed to make one last trip to the central market to get her final gifts. I knew accompanying her would be dangerous because there is a jewerly shops with a ring set and braclet that I look at every time I go to the market, but never buy anything. Because I now had extra money, I decided I would regret leaving Costa Rica without them.

Once we returned home, it was time to prepare the dinner for tomorrow – Tamales. While I was extremely tired, I knew that my help would mean a lot and make the process go so much faster. Since we had made these with our Mama Tica before, I knew how to make them and it went so much longer than last time. Plus, I got to make vegetarian tamales for Emmanuelle and myself.

Read: 7 Days, 7 Things Revisited for more.

August 1: 

Emmanuelle’s post –

“For those of you who haven’t had the blessing of meeting this beautiful woman, this is our Mama Tica, Bernadita.
Within mine and Allanah ‘s first days here, it was pretty evident that we loved the food here, shown by our empty plates after every meal. I told her how my family back home would say that if you finished all your food, you could be a part of the Clean Plate Club, or in this case, “El Club de Los Platos Limpios.” This then became an inside joke between all of us, with our other roommate Ashley , and is just one of the many great memories we have together.
Today we gave her an official certificate of membership to the club, which is pictured here…along with our Clean Plates
We love you, Mama Tica.”
10581244_10152602776573630_553884629_n 10588813_10152602779348630_1813555772_n


August 2: 

Facebook status –

“It seems like yesterday I arrived in Costa Rica. I remember sitting in the living room with my Mama Tica trying to get to know each other but quickly realizing we couldn’t communicate fully with words. And now here I am, about to leave this amazing country, with tears in my eyes, an extremely full heart, and ready to put everything I learned here to practice. Not only has this trip taught me more Spanish than I could have ever hoped to learn in 3 short months, but it taught be the importance of family, of simplicity, of happiness, and the power of love. I might not have always understood my family’s jokes and they might not have always understood my words, but our relationship grew strong from an understanding of love. I couldn’t imagine a better family to have been with and got more out of this experience then I could have ever dreamed and I hope to return one day soon. With that I ask my wonderful roommate,Emmanuelle for one last translation so that our Mama can understand this. Nos Vemos Costa Rica. Thanks for keeping me weird. :)” 



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