Seman Diez

June 14:

Last first day of class! I have my teacher from intermediate 1 so I am really excited, although I am the only one left from that class. I’ve been feeling kind of sick the last few days between headaches, throat aches, and stomach aches, so I took a wonderful nap today. And when I woke up, we made tamales. (lol in the morning we are making waffles).

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June 15:

I was up all last night with a stomach bug and wasn’t able to make it to class today. Apparently, there is a virus going around so a few other students and I went to a clinic today to get checked out. The coolest thing there was a thermometer that read your temperature by being held in front of your forehead. How cool! Thankfully, I am feeling better after a 3 and a half hour nap and medicine. Hopefully, I will wake up refreshed tomorrow.

Sidebar: Social media is great but it also makes you incredibly judgemental of your own life. I am having a ball in Costa Rica and am so lucky to be able to experience this. However, when I see friends from Vandy getting together or living in the same city for the summer, Β it makes me sad that I am not doing that as well. I think it just confirms that I am ready to spend a summer in the U.S. and be with other friends from school.

June 16: Β 

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June 17:Β 

My third and last class of the week.

My mom arrived tonight!!! WAHOOO πŸ™‚ It was so cool to be able to show her my house and have her meet my Tico family. It reminded me of the first day I spent here and how awkward conversation was. None the less, so nice to have her here and to catch up!

Our trip to pick her up was the most successful bus trip ever. So easy.

June 18:Β 

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June 19:Β 

Read: Drowned Rats

June 20:Β 

Read: Drowned Rats


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