Semana Nueve

June 7: 

Today I finally was able to hang out in my family’s hammock. Something that I have been waiting for since the day I arrived. It was such a beautiful day. I was able to take advantage of it by doing work and taking a nap outside. It was insanely peaceful. This was probably the highlight of my day.

Besides that, as usual dinner conversation was incredibly entertaining. We were talking about boys and since both of my roommates have boyfriends, I made a funny comment about being single because I am so weird (cue my weird faces).  My Mama Tica chuckled for a while and then started to give me advice about being single. Although I was merely kidding about being sad, it was so nice to know that even over here in a different country, I have a strong, independent woman role model. xoxox Mama Tica.

June 8: 

La Sele returns.

June 9: 

20140709-232655-84415928.jpg This morning Mama Tica began our cooking lessons. First up, empanadas con queso. They were so much easier than I thought and it is so cool to know that I can now make them at home (and try it with marmalades 🙂 ). It was so nice to finally be able to help with cooking. Although they were easier, ours definitely didn’t look or taste quite as good. We were missing the love that usually went in to the recipe. Nevertheless, we easily polished them off and had a delicious breakfast. — MHHHHMM!


June 10: 

10419524_10204372187049927_6019273357354886445_nToday’s cooking was chorreadas (or corn pancakes). They also were very simple to make. But I kind of failed when flipping mine – oh well. Still yummy.


After school, we were able to volunteer with kids from Miraflores again. Since they were still on break, we played games in the field next to our house. It was so much fun to be able to actually give back to our community. Plus, I love me some soccer. So nice to be able to play on a team again, even if they are 9-15 year olds.


Our team, minus one

June 11:

Read: Far away

June 12: 

Read: Far away

June 13: 

Read: Far away


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