But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

Taken from Emmanuelle’s facebook.

For our final week in Costa Rica, we’ve decided that it is necessary to take at least one selfie-a-day. Especially post-workout.
#wecute ?

1044608_10152593882733630_2363979158183081344_nDia 2: Con Joshua

10561678_10152595478978630_2167994760720057774_nDia 3: Selfie victim of the day: Our dog Lonni. Needless to say, it was not a success…

10577941_10152598483008630_1035634464_o-1 Dia 4: Today’s selfie consisted of roof climbing with our beautiful Mama Tica to get a better glimpse of God’s beautifully painted sunset.

10569214_10152601272338630_388187452_nDΓ­a 5: Our selfie of the day consists of our gelato-eating selves at the first place we explored in Costa Rica, and now the last. Love you, roomie



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