7 Things, 7 Days Revisited

Okay so the title is a little misleading, although the idea was to do something everyday – the reality of our lives and schedules made it so one thing a day was not possible.

1. Watch a Sunrise. Yes, waking up really early to do so. 

While this technically didn’t happen together, I watched the sunrise as I cried my way to the airport.

2. Watch a Sunset in the city. 

Our first attempt with this was a complete fail. On Tuesday, we were on our way to see the sunset when we realized that it was extremely cloudy out and we wouldn’t be able a good sunset. Therefore we went home to save this for another time.

While making Tamales, I noticed that the sun was setting extremely brightly and figured it would be a beautiful sunset. Although Emmanuelle was at school working on a project, I decided to go out to see the sunset. I went out and walked to the spot Emmanuelle and I had planned on watching it from, but unfortunately there were too many buildings in the way for the direction the sun set. So I started walking, legitimately  chasing the sunset to find a good look out. I was able to find two that were prime locations (one outside of another University and along a street). I figured that neither of the spots were particularly okay to stand for a long period of time, especially by myself. Yet, it was awesome to be walking around the city while the sun was setting. In our fast paced everyday lives we often forget to take a few minutes to take in the natural beauty of our world that occurs everyday.

After snapping a few pictures, I walked home and asked my Mama Tica if there was a way to get on the roof to watch the sunset. And just our luck, there was! So Emmanuelle (who had returned home), Mama Tica, and I went to the back, climed up the ladder and chilled on the roof for a few mintues. Sadly, we still were not quite high enough to get a wonderful view – but hey we made it on the roof with Mama Tica so thats pretty swell.


3. Try the Rice n’ Smile at the mall (arroz con leche).

Welp, this was not as bad as I thought it would be. Not only were there different flavors ( I got coffee), there were also toppings! Sadly, it ended up being way too sweet for me. 20140801-105125-39085439.jpg

4. Go to the Reggae bar in Heredia. 

I’ll probably kick myself the most for never having done this sooner. Not only did the bar stock free drinks for the ladies, but the inside was such a chill environment. (More to be told).

5. Have a final mojito at Hooligans (we haven’t been in over 6 weeks). 

This was replaced by eating gelato at the first place Emmanuelle and I got ice cream.


6. Try the weird chocolate covered marshmallow candy. 

Really disapointing. On Monday (possibly Sunday – the days run together) we decided to try all the Costa Rican chocolate we have neglected trying. It was probably for the best; the chocolates weren’t that great, very sugary though.

The actual marshmallow of the marshmallow candy was underwhelming. There was no marshmallow taste, only a weird texture.


7. Go to skating on Ladies Night (its free!). How did we just find out about this??

This was replaced by a last trip to San Jose, to the market, and to POPs (YUM!)

While not everything was accomplished in the final week, it was everything and more than I could have hoped.


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