A Bittersweet Ending

Now that going home is in the very near future, I completely understand how my friends felt when they were a week and a half away from leaving. The little things that I used to be able to laugh off now suddenly take a bigger weight on my day because I know soon that I’ll no longer have to deal with it and then I become more ready to leave (not excited for all my packing though).

Things I am going to miss about Costa Rica:

1. My Tica Family: it’s hard to be in someone’s life for so long, with great value in the relationship and then never know if you will see them again. I hope with all my heart that we can keep in touch and when my Spanish improves, we can talk in-depth.

2. Being stress free: there isn’t much to worry about here. Even when buses don’t work out or we don’t know how to do something, there’s no reason to worry…it will all work out somehow, probably in a way we don’t understand.

3. Having time to explore every weekend: although it’s very draining on sleep, energy, and money it’s been incredible to experience new things every weekend. While I can still do this in the US, there are many more things eating at my time.

4. The rich Costa Rican culture and pride: These people are so happy to be Ticos. Win or Lose. In good times and in bad.

5. Sunset and mountains: Come on. Who doesn’t love walking outside and seeing lush, green mountains everywhere they go.

Things I am really looking forward to at home:

1. My family and friends: it’s been very lonely as of late since all my friends have left. I’m excited to be reunited with them and hear all about their wonderful summers.

2. Not having to smile, laugh, and nod my head in understanding for things I don’t actually understand and being able to be present in all conversations. I will admit that I am not always paying attention to conversations only because I don’t know what’s going on. Sometimes I’ll express that I don’t understand and if someone explains it to me in a different way and I still don’t get it – I’ll probably just smile and nod in comprehension. It will be nice to no longer have to do this and be able to talk my normal amount again (I’m sure everyone at home is just thrilled that I had all this talking energy built up).

3. Being able to eat only things I enjoy eating, the amount I want, and no gluten (who would have thought I’d ever say that last one): My Mama Tica LOVES serving me, which is so lovely. But I am excited to be able to choose what to eat and when I want it.

4. Being able to help: Its been so hard to lend a hand either because I don’t know what is going on or I can’t understand the direction. I can’t wait to be home and know how to help people.

5. My independence: Being able to drive, go places alone, understand how to get around, being able to ask questions for myself and accomplish simple tasks without needing to ask someone for a translation.



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