The Hardest Part Of Traveling No One Talks About

“All of these lows are erased by the complete highs you experience.”

While I don’t agree that we are running off when we’re traveling, I have felt the travel bug itching out of me the past few years. As I have told many people, this is the first trip I have left with a complete understanding that I need to spend more time at home with those I love and who will be apart of my life forever.

On a completely different note, this feeling that she describes about changing when no one else around you has, is exactly the feeling I got when I came home from college the first time and visited my high school. It was like I had all these thoughts to share and stories about my “new” life, but everything in my high school had stayed the same. Almost like time hadn’t passed.

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You see the world, try new things, meet new people, fall in love, visit amazing places, learn about other cultures – then it’s all over. People always talk about leaving, but what about coming home?

We talk about the hard parts while we’re away – finding jobs, making real friends, staying safe, learning social norms, misreading people you think you can trust – but these are all parts you get through. All of these lows are erased by the complete highs you experience. The goodbyes are difficult but you know they are coming, especially when you take the final step of purchasing your plane ticket home. All of these sad goodbyes are bolstered by the reunion with your family and friends you have pictured in your head since leaving in the first place.

Then you return home, have your reunions, spend your first two…

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2 thoughts on “The Hardest Part Of Traveling No One Talks About

  1. And that is why we love that you are traveling -to grow, experience, learn and develop in the wonderful you, you are supposed to be! Love you!

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