Irony: a situation that is strange or funny because things happen in a way that seems to be the opposite of what you expected

This has most likely been the weirdest trip of my time in CR, maybe besides my day trip to Cartago.

For our last weekend we went to Guanacaste with our Tica Mom, Aunt, and Cousins (Mario and girlfriend and Esteban) to celebrate Guanacaste Day (I had only met Mario before). I had expected huge celebrations like what we experienced from the World Cup, but It was an extremely different.


Beach day – casually the only one in a bathing suit


We left Heredia at 5 am to catch a bus to San Jose and from San Jose to Guanacaste. We got in around 12 pm. Took a taxi a few streets down to wait outside of the courthouse for our Tica cousin to pick us up. Once we got to the house, we realized how tired we were from the early morning and long travel. We went on a walk to the center to see what celebrations were happening…it was mostly just vendors selling items and a lot of people walking around. So after looking at everything, we went back to nap for a bit. Once we woke up we chilled a little, then went out with our cousins to explore some more now that it was later in the afternoon adn there was a bit more going on. Although there were moments where  Emmanuelle and I were not really involved in the conversations with Mario and his girlfriend, it was nice to be out with them. Emmanuelle and our cousins got a really weird snack: mango Dinner was better and we were able to get to know everyone a little more. After dinner, the kids went to the concert in town. However, the first act was very slow music and was putting us to sleep so Emmanuelle and I went to grab ice cream. Not to mention we were surrounded by couples, which made Emmanuelle miss her bf and was a slap in the face for this single girl (joking…kind of 🙂 ). Once we were done the main act, Mal Pais (a well-known CR band), was on. It was fun to see, but since Emmanuelle and I didn’t know any of the songs we went back to the house and talked with Mama Tica and Aunt Ines. This was the first time we had seen our mom drink and she was so funny. Talking with them was the highlight of the day. It was nice to talk with them and be away from Heredia with our mom. She looked really happy being there with her sister.



We woke up early and made our way to the beach after breakfast. Our mama Tica and Aunt went on the bus because there wasn’t enough car space. The beachwas hot, but not extremely sunny (which was nice for fair-skinned people).

Best highlight from the beach: We went drove an hour to the beach to sit in the grass behind the sand, under the trees (with a lot of bugs)… So Emmanuelle and I went in the water and then laid out on the beach. A soccer game that I badly wanted to join kept coming very close to us, no matter how far away we sat. The soccer ball must have been a chick magnet. (get it?) Anyways, after lunch people seemed more up for going into the water – a little wave jumping and boogie boarding fun.

Once we came home from the beach (after stopping 2 times for ice cream – Emmanuelle and I only got it once) everyone was in the shared bedroom and showering and Emmanuelle and I in the kitchen.  Emmanuelle and I didn’t want to sit in the house so went to explore and ended up in a karaoke bar for a drink. While I can’t say that anyone was particularly good (or really pleasant to listen to) they had a lot of passion. So props to them.

That night, everyone was really tired and after our 9 pm dinner. Our Mama Tica slept in the living room, Emmanuelle and I in the kitchen, and everyone else in one bedroom. Since, as usual this weekend, everyone was in their respective quarters and Emmanuelle and I had some fun watching geckos outside of our windo- one didn’t have a tail. Ask me about this. But yes, the highlight of our evening was seeing a gecko without a tail. I know this trip sounds wildly entertaining. Don’t let my gentle sarcasm fool you, the trip was still lovely in a very non normal way.


I’m not sure what look I was trying to go for


We woke up early but still somehow missed our bus. Mama Tica thought that our bus left at 9:30 but our tickets actually said 9 am. However, with a lot of seat shifting (I sat in 3 seats before we made it home) we all settled on the bus and were ready to depart home. Arriving home around 2 pm, we were all very exhausted but weren’t able to sleep.  

Nevertheless, what really made this a memorable trip was all the weird food I was given:

Lunch  1: Served with fresa (a juice?) that was straight up vanilla ice cream with a milk consistency (I haven’t had real milk in 7 years).

Dinner 1: “Vaca”. Basically a pot luck dinner the resulted in getting dishes from several nearby shops. We had dark meat chicken, some other meat, rice, salad, chayote, and a Chinese noodle dish. Now this happens in the US too, but if I don’t put something on my plate (for instance the dark meat chicken) or ask for something it’s probably because I don’t want it and not because I don’t know if I can take it. However, saying no to food here doesn’t work. It’s might get really awkward when I have to eat things I don’t enjoy, but sometimes (very very rarely) I can get away with it. 

Breakfast 2: Frosted corn flakes (that said they contained gluten…with no ingredients that should include gluten…) and milk. Since I didn’t eat the meat fried in egg, I was offered a special side of simply tortilla and natilla (sour cream like taste with a mayo consistency) from a bag. 

Lunch 2: Bean “dip” from a bag mixed with salsa, chips (all corn chips that said  say they may “contained” gluten), tuna salad from a can mixed with cream cheese (?), and salad. Again only taking the things I wanted was not an option. Open up – the helicopter is coming through. 

Dinner  2: Since everyone else was eating pizza I was offered fries.

Solo papa fritas, I ask.

Umm, vegetables and salad?

Okay, thanks.

What I actually got – fries, salad, veggies from a can, and chips. Yumm.

Breakfast 3: Eggs.

Hold on though, Would you like vegetables from last night that have been sitting uncovered on the stove all night?

Since, no is usually not acceptable, I accepted rather than trying to fight it. Once they were heated up, I realized Mama Tica didn’t actually want any for herself….A great morning snack if I say so myself.


all smiles and a black eye (?)

Did I have a good weekend? Yes. Am I happy I went? Yes. I think it was just incredibly chill and not a lot to do. Pero, esta bien. (as usual). 

Things to ask me about: 

1. Our younger cousin, Esteban 

2. More about the town where we stayed. 


2 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Sounds like another set of adventures to put into the summer — glad you are experiencing many sides to Costa Rico…can’t wait to hear about the black eye?

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