The Hard Gets Harder

Moving into my last 3 weeks, last class, and last time friends leave has caused a lot of mixed emotions.

1.  On Saturday, I officially saif goodbye to all of my friends (besides one of my roommates – thankfully!) Yes, a new group of students came during the last 3 weeks and on Saturday (summer 3 and 4). However, it has been extremely hard to get to know the ones who are not in my class. I still have been able to have wonderful weekends and be with cool people – especially with my mom visiting me this upcoming weekend. Yet, the weekdays have become more and more low-key with each session. This is due to the fact that I have fewer people who I would go out with/hang out at night,  but also because there are really no more places I am dying to visit during afternoons.

I am still happy here because I have my family and my roommate and It’s so much less lonely than last summer. It makes  me really truly appreciate everyone who I still have in my life here. Even still, the hardest part, besides losing so many friends, is seeing my roommate unhappy. I know she has really missed her family this entire time and it has been doubly hard losing all of our friends. It’s hard to know exactly how to help her besides trying to stay busy. I know these last 3 weeks are going to fly by and will be amazing, but it is really challenging to no longer have the convenience of all my friends being here with me.

2. My Mama Tica’s cousin died of cancer this past Thursday and it has been really hard to see her go through this. While today things are definitely looking up, she seems to be doing a lot better and having more energy, it has been so difficult to know how to help her. We’ve been trying our best not to push her, but to do things to take her mind off of it. I am so glad she is doing better and am praying for her family everyday.

3. In a month, I will have already moved in to my chaffin, started training for VUcept and Tour Guides, and starting school in less than a week. WHERE HAS TIME GONE??


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