Studying Abroad vs. Tourism

She summed up so many of my thoughts into a very well written post. Check it out.

Sol Education Abroad: Student Blog

Three weeks ago, I left the United States for the first time in my life to fly across an ocean to a country that was very different from my own, and I was nervous and unsure of myself, of course, but I was never afraid. I never once thought to hold onto my own culture with a death grip because I was afraid of change or having to sacrifice comfort to embrace a new culture.

But since being here, I’ve realized that not everyone is like me in this sense. Not everyone is able to leave their way of life behind I’m favor of a new, temporary one. Most people are terrified of change, even if it results in their own betterment.

There is a difference between tourism and studying abroad. When you’re a tourist, you can wear cheesy American clothes and use phrase books and refuse to adapt all…

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