Life is Good

A little after the fact. A detailed account of my getaway to Uvita. It’s surprising how many stories came out of the little moments. Everything that happens here is comical and questionable aka a very long post awaits.


June 6 – 8

While last weekend was a unprogrammed, free weekend to explore on my own, this weekend truly reached the status of what I was hoping from my trip. A group of eight of us left Friday afternoon to head out to Playa Uvita on Puntarenas Province. We were taking a semi-private bus (think greyhound without the sketchy people), that was supposed to be anywhere from 3 1/2 to 5 hours (because that’s how people describe things in Costa Rica, apparently). I was so tired that I crashed almost immediately after sitting down in my seat. We ended up getting stuck in a lot of traffic that contributed to a very long bus ride, but besides that it was all good. However, there were a few times where my friends and I had no clue what we got ourselves into. Example: we legitimately picked people up on the side of the road. I am assuming they had tickets, but were no bus stations or rest stops were nearby. It was bizarre to say the least.

Fire Show from one of the hostel dwellers (he had been here for 7 months)

Fire Show from one of the hostel dwellers (he had been here for 7 months)

We made one stop for the bathroom before the stop where we were getting off at. By the time we made it to our final destination before the hostel we had been on the bus for roughly 5 hours. We were ready to get some grub and relax to say the least. The rest stop/ restaurant where we got off looked anything but appetizing so we decided to grab food when we made it to our hostel. Upon arrival we were mesmerized with where we had landed. It was full of beach hippies, plants, hammocks, and a general vibe of chill. Sadly, our aw came to a stop when we found out that no place was going to be open for dinner. We ended up drinking and eating the few snacks we had brought.


Farmer’s Market

In the morning we started our day early with the best Gallo Pinto I have had since being here and then took off to explore the town. Our first stop the farmers market. While it took us quite some time to walk there, it was really fun (and hot) exploring, getting in a nice walk, and running in to some friends we made at the hostel we were staying at. Yes, it was that small of a town where we ran into people we knew multiple times. The farmers market was filled with a lot of local, fresh food products and Brits. Apparently that’s the town to stay in if you are English. There was a woman there who had a lot of gluten-free baked goods and I bought an incredible granola bar.

Afterwards, we finished our trek to an absolutely incredible waterfall. It was definitely worth the hike.  We hung out at the different parts of the fall for a while. Climbed up the fall to jump off a small cliff – it was actually incredibly difficult to find the right gripping and to swim into the current.

IMG_1232After the waterfall we were all pretty tired and decided we didn’t want to make the trek back down to the hostel/beach so we called a taxi and sat down to grab a snack (first guacamole we has seen since being here!) since the wait was around 20 minutes. The cab ended up coming before our food came out so after paying the taxi driver, we decided to stay and all ordered lunch. After lunch we thought it would be smartest to walk down the hill we were on to grab a taxi. Our walk down was rather frightening. A car of 5 Ticos was driving behind us, moving around 5 mph. We were in the middle of no where in this deserted town. Eventually, they passed up and stared out the window at us for a good 5 minutes. Thankfully, nothing happened.


In other good graces, when we got down to the bottom of the hill there was a truck taxi that we were able to grab. By truck I mean the type of truck that carries animals, but hey it was able to fit the six of us (the other two went to the beach for the day). We had the cab let us out at this ice cream place everyone kept telling us to try. But when I say Ice Cream place I mean a woman’s house. You walk to her door (which was open every single time we passed it that weekend) and she and her daughter came outside to take your order and 400 colones (cheapest ice cream I have ever bought – less than $1).

say what?

say what?

She comes back with bags of Ice cream and all of us just sort of look at it. After the number of people who had told us about the ice cream, one of them might have mentioned it came in a bag. Anyways, so we are all trying to figure out how to eat it when she comes back with my vanilla (that was as yellow as the sun) and chuckles at my friends, who have untied their bags and are biting it, and apologies for not giving us the instructions on proper technique. 1. Bite a small hole in the corner of the bag 2. Eat it through the hole. Not only did we get delicious ice cream, we got entertainment for our walk home.

Next on our agenda was to walk to the whale tail on the beach while tide was still low. After walking for what seemed like 10 miles, we finally reached it. And it was something I had never experienced before. The beach is behind you as you walk on to a strip in the ocean and make it to the end where the tail Is made by all rocks. When tide started getting high it was incredible to be standing in a place where two tides become one.

The rest of the night was very relaxing, minus a short power outage at our hostel. We had dinner at a delicious restaurant and I had the most refreshing smoothie. The rest of the weekend was chill. We woke up early to get a few hours out of the beach before we needed to leave. Note: the sun is much more powerful out here. Even with a nice layer of sunscreen, one should be wary to lay out in the run. Result: a back burn that lasted a week.

My friend, Lauren.

My friend, Lauren.

All in all a fantastic weekend with even better people.

Things to ask me about:

1. The taxi meter and our BFF driver.

2. More about our hostel.

3. The restaurant owner.

4. Trying to leave Uvita


2 thoughts on “Life is Good

  1. Love the pictures and the stories — key question is were you walking naked on trail (i.,e strip in the ocean)? 🙂

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