A Weekend of Bliss

Although a little after the fact, I couldn’t resist reflecting on my weekend of bliss.

Highlight Version – La Fortuna Waterfall, Hot Springs, Zip-lining in the Rain Forest.

We left early morning Saturday to drive around 3-4 hours to the town of La Fortuna. While I had been out the night before with not a lot of sleep, I was energized and excited for the day. By the time we arrived to the waterfall the rain had started. However, I had stupidly forgotten to pack a raincoat or umbrella. Oh well, a little bit of rain never hurt anyone. To get to the beauty of the waterfall you have to walk over 400 steps down in the rainforest. The scenery was gorgeous and I was completely awed when I saw the waterfall for the first time.Yet, it wasn’t until we swam in the water that I understood the full amazement of this place. At this point, the rain was in full swing and there was zero hope of keeping any of my stuff dry.


Just the gals and some natural beauty

When I stepped into the freezing cold water, slippery rocks emerged beneath my feet and I was immediately overcome. This was by far one of the best things I had ever experienced. The force of the waterfall was producing a huge current which made treading and swimming incredibly tiring. After being in the there for 30 minutes, I went to explore the rocks (per usual). When it was time to leave, I realized that everything I took off the bus was soaked. This began a theme for the entire weekend: absolutely no dry clothing.


One of the hot springs with a swim up bar

After the waterfall, we had around an hour, hour and a half before we reached our hotel. Our hotel was beautiful and each room was in a little cottage. Shortly after arriving, we put back on our bathing suits to go see the hot springs. I was imagining that they would be straight up hot springs, like the ones you see around volcanoes. However, they were far from it. While the water was heated from the volcano, the resort we went to had made each spring into a beautifully designed pool. Although there was slight disappointment, the night ended up being extremely relaxing.


That mountain doe

After returning from the hot springs, my friends and I decided that we had to fight the tiredness and go out. After all, we were only going to be in this town once. About 13 of us headed out to El Establo, a bar right next door to our hotel, and were immediately stared down by all the locals. However, it ended up being a really fun night. We went into the dance club attached
and joined the Tico’s dance circle for a while. All in all it was a definitely worth a little less sleep.

The next morning we went going zip-lining in the rain forest. To be honest, this is what I had really been looking forward to all week. And it did not disappoint. The feeling of zipping through the air, alone, with such an incredible view around and below is breathtaking. There were so many moments I would just start laughing aloud at how beautiful everything was. There are not many people who get to experience this.1901180_10101993094095380_5281254817974180461_n Even though it was raining (told you I didn’t have a single pair of dry clothing by the end of the trip) we still had a great time. The rain actually made zip-lining even better because when you were watching someone before you, there would be times that he/she would suddenly disappear into a cloud. Eery but incredible.

I am so grateful for all the amazing things I got to see this weekend and truly hope that all of you can at some point in your life as well.


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