Mi rutina diaria en Costa Rica

  • 6:30 AM – 
    • Wake up: Usually, I have a 5 AM wake up from the lovely sounding birds (lol, jokes – their screeching is ear wrenching). Thankfully, I am getting more and more used to it and can sleep through their noises.
    • Shower: I have to pick what is most important to me: heat or pressure. With the way the showers are set up, the hotter the water, the less water that comes out. I usually take a warm (almost cold) shower so I have more pressure.
    • Get dressed: I never have to check the weather. 🙂 Even though its rainy season, it has been warm and sunny since I arrived (this is actually not good for Costa Rica because it means they are not getting the much needed water). Most Ticos don’t wear shorts, so it’s either jeans, dresses, or skirts.
  • 7:00 AM –
    • Breakfast: We are always served coffee, fruit, and a main dish.  Mi mama Tica has the most amazing coffee. I need to figure out what type she uses. They also use a very different brewing system from the US – I would love one for home. Lastly, the fruit is extremely fresh and so sweet; banana and pineapple are my favorites.
  • 7:40 AM –
    • Leave for school. I live extremely close, but it still takes around 15 minutes to get door to door.
  • 8:00 AM –
    • Class begins with the other Beginner I student
  • 9:00 AM –
    • Beginner II students arrive
  • 10:40 AM –
    • I finish class for the day, however, my teacher occasionally asks me to stay a little extra. When I am done, I usually wait at the University to walk back home with everyone who lives in my neighborhood.
  • 12:30 PM –
    She knows how much we LOVE avocado and gives it to us all the time. :) One time she came out with this much avocado for the 3 of us...heavenly.

    She knows how much we LOVE avocado and gives it to us all the time. 🙂 One time she came out with this much avocado for the 3 of us…heavenly.

    • Lunch: Everyone will be so proud of me – I am not picky here, I have had eggs, fish, and red meat in the past few weeks. Mi Mama Tica has not repeated a lunch or dinner yet, she likes variety. Nevertheless, when I say I have had eggs, I mean I have had eggs everyday at least once. I definitely could use a break from them, but cooking makes her so happy that I don’t have the heart to tell her I would love cereal or oatmeal every once in a while.
  • 1: 30 PM –


    • After lunch, I have many options. Sometimes my group is going to explore cultural things, I will go to the gym (a bunch of my friends and I have passes to a gym that is a 5 minute walk from home),  do work, or hang out with my family. Mi Mama TIca’s grandsons are over almost everyday and they are incredibly sweet and we have already become close even though we can’t converse. The youngest (2 and seen above) is always smiling and keeps me on my toes. The oldest (around 9) has been out of school due to the teacher´s strike. We, Emmanuelle and I, can tell we have passed the test as he always tries to scare us with his fake tarantula.10312898_10204036355134339_766456052170024938_n
  • 6:30 PM –
    •  We eat all of our meals with our Mama Tica. Her dinners are always delicious and look so pretty. She really enjoys making others happy and cooking is one of the many ways she can do this. Emmanuelle and her normally talk, while I listen and chime in while I can. Emmanuelle also acts like a translator for both of us, especially when I am tired and can´t pay full attention. :/ Sometimes, we all sit in “awkward” silence, but our Mama Tica loves talking and she has taught us so much about Costa Rica.

Green Beans, Carrots, and Hamburger Meat with Rice and Plantains

  • 8:00 PM –
    • Depending on the day, Emmauelle and I will hang out and do work at home, go out to bars with friends, or meet up with friends for ice cream or hanging. We all LOVE ice cream and have it probably 3 times a week…it´s bad.
  • 10:30 PM –
    • This is my ideal bedtime to get 8 hours of sleep, but let’s be honest…it is rare when I get to bed by 10:30.



2 thoughts on “Mi rutina diaria en Costa Rica

  1. Love hearing about your days — they sound pretty full and I want to know how many times you actually make it to bed before midnight!

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