mi casa es tu casa

The two week mark has come and gone.
As I sit in the TV room at my brother’s eating club, which I am incredibly jealous of by the way, I have t-minus 9 days until departure. I have begun marking items off my shopping list and getting to know my roommate.
Yup, that’s right I said roommate. On Wednesday, May 30 at 12:24 AM my site director sent me an email containing my host family and roommate information. My host family is kind enough to let me into their family, prepare all my meals for me, and hopefully think I’m cool enough to hang out with after class and on the weekends. My roommate and I will be staying with them for our 3 months abroad, but we will each have our own rooms. I am ecstatic I to learn with/from my roommate and host family. Many people have said that this is one of the best parts about the program.
And now – drumroll please:
  1.  I will be living with the with host mother, Bernardita, and her family. Her son, his wife, and his dad live in other apartments in the house. Bernardita’s daughter also lives in Heredia and she and her son often come over to Bernardita’s. During the day, Bernardita takes care of her youngest grandson and if you know me well, you know that I adore little kids. Needless to say, I am so excited to play with the little nugget. The family also has dog, named Lani – yup, I share a nickname with the dog and a cat named, Machito.                                                                                                                                                                                              
    Image Arroz con pollo
    Image Desayuno: eggs, plantains, gallo pinto, and cheese

    I have also been told Bernardita is a great cook and makes lots of dishes with fresh tropical fruits and vegetables.They must know how much I like food! She loves having friends and family over for parties, which most of you know is something I am not only accustom to, but I love.  Lastly, one of you must have told my director that I don’t enjoy waking up early, as my house is a  10 minute walk from the university – yay, sleeping in for me.  

  2. My roommate, Emmanuelle, is a rising senior and attends Texas A&M University. She and I have already become Facebook friends – so you know it’s official :/ – and started getting to know each other. We seem very similar and I think we will be good friends! While she knows quite a bit more Spanish than me, I know that we will both be able to learn and grow together. 

    Bedroom #1


    Our bathroom


    Bedroom #2

  3. The final support system  will come from my three on-site directors. They all seem incredible and I have immense faith know that they are going to be able to teach me an immense amount about Costa Rican culture and the world. I can’t wait to meet them! 
Adios for now.
Next on my to do list : finishing all the duolingo lessons. Shout out to my mom for doing one before bed last night. Thanks for being supportive and learning with me.

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