14 Days

The only thing that has gotten me through my last few weeks of school and exams is the fact that in 14 days I will begin my adventure to one of the most beautiful places in the world: Costa Rica. While I am leaving behind family, friends, security, and most importantly missing one of the most significant days in my brother’s life, his college graduation (could not be more proud of you, Jake) – I am beyond excited. Before I begin, I must thank my family for giving me the world (literally) and for always believing that I can overcome the hurdles put in my way (sometimes by my own choosing). No amount of gratitude would be enough.

With 14 days left, you may think I have made progress on all the pre-trip requirements: bought all the right clothes, packed, read the entirety of my travel books, am able to speak at least a sentence of Spanish, learned how to roll my r’s, etc. Sadly, I cannot say that a single one of those tasks can be checked off.  In the next 14 days, I will finish my sophomore year, travel to Princeton to celebrate Lawn Parties with my brother, spend 4 days at home going to doctors and getting all my supplies, and saying goodbyes to my family and dog, Lilly.

Isn't she the cutest?

Isn’t she the cutest?

While there is still so much to do before I leave, I have, sadly, had very little time to prepare at school. Yet, I have begun learning basic Spanish on duolingo (probably one of the most important apps on my phone) and started reading the travel book. The most helpful phrase that I have stumbled upon and have absolutely no clue how to pronounce is, “No como carne roja”, or “I do not eat red meat.” But as my mom keeps telling me, I should easily be able to go through all the duolingo lessons when I am home…

Nevertheless, here is to the next 14 days and to hopefully being ready to leave on my 7 am flight to Miami. Adios.


For more trip details, check out the About page. You can find thisby clicking on the red circle with three white lines in the top right hand corner (next to search button).


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